The three churches, St Madoc of Ferns at Haroldston West, St Mary the Virgin at Talbenny and All Saints at Walton West have Celtic christian roots dating back 1500 years. They were built in high places apart from the communities they serve by men of prayer and contemplation. They were used as visible beacons for navigation by sea. Today they are spiritual beacons delivering light and hospitality through prayer, silence, peace presence and contemplation in our modern world.

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Haroldston West

Haroldston West church

St Madoc of Ferns, Haroldston West
drawing by Shirley Norman

Foundation of the church


Talbenny church

St Mary the Virgin, Talbenny
drawing by Shirley Norman

Foundation of the church

Walton West

Walton West church

All Saints, Walton West
drawing by Shirley Norma

Foundation of the church


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Collect and Psalm 63:1-8

Christ resurrection

News & Events

This is our fire installation a Walton West church. A creative workshop produced these decorations and the whole congregation contributed thoughts on the flames and stars. Thins they would like to offer to God for transformation on the flames for the purging fire of love. Thoughts of glory in the everyday were put on the stars.
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Part of our fire fall installation at Walton West

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Detail of stars and flames and candles

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Artists in Residence

Sunday 21st May 2017

West Roose Local Ministry Area Rogation Celebrations
Bikes & horses

Bikes and horses assemble

What a wonderful way to get to know the diverse communities of our new Ministry Area. We were graced with near perfect weather, sunshine and a cooling breeze. People in their churches offering hospitality and welcome to a travelling band of pilgrims making their way round the whole area. There were riders on horses, cyclists, walkers and travellers by car. Visiting eight of our nine churches we said rogation prayers at each.

Outdoor Eucharist

Outdoor Eucharist with horses & bikes at Walwyns Castle

There was delicious breakfast at Walwyns Castle, bacon sausage and egg sandwiches well fortified the travellers and worshippers alike.This was followed by an outdoor eucharist and the horses stood very quietly as if imbibing the holy atmosphere. Those who were not up to the physical exercise were able to take part by car and enjoy the hospitality and connection as the whole group came together at the churches.

Riders gather

Riders gathering for Rogation prayers at Walton West Church

Then on at a spanking pace to Robeston where we had sherry, juice and more prayers before setting off cross country down green lanes and through fields. We crossed Sandy Haven, waded rivers and more green lanes and through rhododendrons to arrive at St Ishmael's for coffee and biscuits.

Resting at Marloes

Phew! Resting At Marloes

On then to Dale for Iunch, Marloe’s just for prayers, to St Brides for tea.

St Brides

Resting in the sun at St Brides

Sitting with the horses in the sun resting and chatting with the wonderful view of the Castle and the sparkling turquoise waters of St Brides Bay as we made new friends and renewed acquaintances there was a wonderful sense of enlarged community.

Feast in the barn

Worship Then Feast In The Barn

Our final stop was Talbenny church with its stunning cliff top location and the wind to go with it. We then repaired to Redlands farm for a feast in a barn with evening Thanksgiving service. The food was delicious and 75 people gathered from across our new ministry area to chat, eat and worship together. Not quite feeding the 5000 but the sense of connection, celebration and thanksgiving for the stunning landscape in which we are privileged to live, work and worship, felt inspiring and uplifting.

As an exercise in increasing awareness and a sense of connection between our diverse parishes it was a great success. There were more than a few who suggested it should become an annual event. Its one thing looking at an area of country on a map but quite another to actually physically engage with it on the ground. Our connection with the area, the landscape and one another has been vibrantly inspired by this day of hospitality, prayer and community.

Mary Wainwright

Mary Whitewright

It is with great sadness that we report the sudden but peaceful death of Mary Whitewright who was among other things Church Warden of All Saints Church Walton West. Her funeral will be at 2:00pm on Thursday 17th November at St Mary the Virgin Church Talbenny

Advent Reflection Morning

I was an invited to lead a retreat day at Ty Pererin for St Davids cathedral. The day was called:

The Still Point Of The Turning World : Silence and Stillness in Prayer and Liturgy.

The day took the form of a guided meditation on the Lords Prayer and four short sentences from the liturgy. I am thinking to offer this day as a reflection for Advent in the Havens Beacon Churches.
The date for this event will be Sat 3rd December 10:00am till 1:00pm.
Venue will be the Rectory in Walton and the morning will conclude with a Celebration of Holy Communion in Walton West church.
If you are interested in taking part in this event please let Rev Diana know by
e mail diana.hoare540@btinternet. com or by phone 07989432280 or 01437781809.


In the spirit of making our Havens Beacon Churches available and relevant a programme of Artists in Residence is being prepared for Haroldston West church. Artists have been invited to come and working the church and exhibit some of their work. Everyone is warmth invited to visit the church, see the exhibitions and chat with the artists. The programme will begin in July and run through to September. There will be a Portaloo sited in the church yard and tea and coffee making facilities. So please do call in and visit.


adobe ◀ Download the Summer Artists Programme.
Most computer browsers will open a PDF document automatically, but you may need adobe_reader_small to view it..

19th to the 21st July
- Diana the vicar will be working on stone carving

22nd July
St Madoc’s way the Path Through the Woods

Starting in the car park in Broad Haven at 10:30am we will walk reflectively up through the woods to the church. We will pause along the way for meditative moments. A quiet time in the church and churchyard with a packed lunch. Walking reflectively through the woods back to the carpark estimated finish time 3:00pm. All welcome
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25th to 27th July
will be working in the church 10:30am to 3:00pm.

3rd to 6th August
will be working in the church 10:30am to 3:00pm

mid August date TBC
will be working

19th August
a walk through the woods. 10:30am to 3:00pm meet in carpark Broad Haven

22nd to 24th August
Andrew Johnson 10:30am to 3:00pm

31st August to 2nd September
Diana the vicar 10:3am0 to 3:00pm

9th September
TBC 10:30am to 3:00pm

23rd to 27th September
Lottie O'Leary

Come and see the artists at work and look at their exhibited work. Enjoy the peaceful and beautiful surroundings of this ancient church. Experience the prayerful presence as art and spirituality come together. TEA AND COFFEE WILL BE AVAILABLE AS WELL AS A TOILET

Little Haven festival
Just as they were returning the Beacons of St Brides Bay fired up. A huge fire was lit at St Brides and others were sited at Caerfai, Solva and Druidston who also had wonderful fireworks later in the evening and Little Haven. The only sadness was that more boats had not turned out for the blessing of the boats on such an exquisite evening. The Porthgain boats certainly had a wonderful row in the sunset and were suitably blessed for the coming year.

Monday evening saw the Poetry Reading and Harp evening in Talbenny. The Hymn of St Bride is a prose poem for three voices about St Bride, Christian Saint and pagan Goddess. The poem was interspersed with the playing of a young Welsh Harpist, Anna Phillips which was inspiring and provided a lovely contrast to the poem itself. This event was well supported and we enjoyed another beautiful evening.

Whilst these events were intended as fundraising for the the three Havens Beacon Churches, money was not the main focus. The aim of raising the profile of the churches, as places and people wanting to make the buildings available and relevant, through a non judgemental, unconditional. loving. listening, welcome for all was just as important. This was achieved. The feedback from the visiting choir was one of amazement : at the hospitality and welcome they had received, at the spiritual experience they had been part of, at the community spirit which filled them with joy and not least the wonderful landscape of this special part of Pembrokeshire. They are very keen to come again. I hope this is just the beginning of events which will help to increase our working together in the Havens in the years to come,

With love to you all


Lent feels a difficult time. We are supposed to examine ourselves and acknowledge our sinful wretchedness. No wonder people feel challenged by the church and its practices. If we all know ourselves as loved by God in Christ we could come to the question of "sin" from a different angle. Knowing myself as loved totally by Christ I can stop and examine those moments when I take my off the God of love. Those moments when my own busyness and projects get in the way of my knowing God. God is always there. If he seems far away it's because I have chosen to put myself first. Standing with my back to the light of the candle, the light which is God, I stand in the darkest shadow, the shadow of my self. That is separation. That separation is what the church calls sin. If I do things MY way I am much more likely to go astray than if I stand facing the light of the glory and act out of God's strength rather than my own.

How would it be if for Lent we took something ON rather than giving something UP. Take some time to sit silently, going inside, listening to the inspiration of the Spirit to guide us. Maybe read an "improving" book. Maybe do something for someone else. As we take on endeavours who knows we might need to eat more chocolate to have the energy !

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday with a service of Ashing in Walton church. Please do come to mark the beginning of Lent and keep an eye out for events leading through Lent up to Easter.
With love to you all


New signs for all 3 churches were unveiled in December.

Haroldston sign
Walton sign
Talbenny sign


Christmas is over. The new Year has begun. New opportunities, New challenges for us all as we work together to invigorate and support our church communities. The miracle of the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ is in our hearts, in our lives and in our work as church together, in the wider community and in the world at large. We have wonderful, precious, ancient churches from which to work. We have peaceful oases of prayer, tradition and inspiration to offer to those who come looking for calm and connection with the divine. Together we will find ways of growing our churches and making them relevant and available in our world today. I very much look forward to working with you all as we move forward into 2016. Please do be in touch with any ideas.


Ash Wednesday is on 10th February 2016. I am planning to run a Lent course so please look for sign up sheets, more details to follow.

JOINT PCC MEETING 14th January Bowen Hall Little Haven. 7:00pm

Please do come as many of you as possible to share ideas for the coming year.

BISHOPS VISIT : 29th February 2016

Bishop Wyn will be visiting our group of churches on this day. He wants to see as much as possible. We have yet to firm up a timetable for the visit but he will go into the school. He wants to see the churches and learn about any projects we are engaged in. Ideas welcome and any one who can be around on that day would be much appreciated. He will celebrate a eucharist, we will give him lunch and we will have prayer to conclude the visit. Watch this space.


There will be a beacon lighting event on the Whitsun weekend at the beginning of the Little Haven Festival week at the beginning of May. Beacons will be lit right round the Bay. People are responding with enthusiasm and rowing boats and others are keen to be involved. Any ideas, please be in touch.

VISITING CHOIR : On the 28th May 2016

My sister is bringing a visiting choir of about 20 people to sing a concert in Walton. I have undertaken to put them up so will be asking for hosts for the Friday and Saturday nights of that weekend. Please consider extending hospitality. They are not charging us to sing. I would like this to be a joint fund raising effort. Please do be in touch and watch out for details.


This one day event will be in conjunction with a guided walk from Broad Haven beach through Haroldston woods led by the Parks Wardens. This will be during Little Haven Festival week. I thought we could put some art work in the church and maybe some children's drawing, colouring, eye spy sheets there too. Any more ideas, volunteers ?
Please do be in touch if you have any thoughts. I hope you will be excited by the possibilities which these events offer us.
Diana & Toby

Revd Diana Hoare & Toby

New vicar appointed

We have a new vicar and the Revd Diana Hoare is no stranger to Pembrokeshire.

Diana first came to the area in 1998 with her five children. But three years later, her call to the priesthood took her back to her native Herefordshire where she trained for ordination. But she never lost touch with her Welsh connections and now, after 10 years in the Marches, she has returned, accompanied by her piebald horse, Toby.

“It feels like a homecoming,” she says. “I come from a farming background, which feels important in rural ministry. My hope is to find ways in which the Church can be more available and relevant to more people in our hectic, noisy modern world.”

Diana is also an accomplished craftsperson – calligraphy, carving and sculpture; and she plans to continue practising her art alongside her new role. “My post in Walton West is half time so I will have time to continue my work as an artist and craftsperson. I plan to offer courses in lettering, carving and watercolour and quiet days and retreats exploring spirituality and creativity with particular reference to contemplative prayer.”

And in her free time? Expect to see her on the slipway in Porthgain, where she rows a gig for the local club and has competed in the world championships in Cornwall for the past three years.


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The Diocese of St Davids
The Diocese of St Davids, named after Wales’ patron saint whose cathedral in Pembrokeshire is one of the jewels of the nation. The diocese also covers the counties of Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire including the western industrial valleys and the town of Llanelli.
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Seeks to offer space, peace, creative inspiration and connection with the landscape of the wonderful St Davids Penninsula in West Wales


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